Westfall Board of Education 

Board of Education

Contact Information

Mr. Jeff Sheets, Superintendent 

e-mail: jeff.sheets@westfallschools.com

Mr. Brian Ramsay, Treasurer 

e-mail: brian.ramsay@westfallschools.com

Mrs. Judy Cook, Board Member

e-mail: judy.cook@westfallschools.com

Mrs. Christy Rigsby, Board Member 

e-mail: christy.rigsby@westfallschools.com

Mr. Mark Ruff, Board Member 

e-mail: mark.ruff@westfallschools.com

Mr. Zachary Ruoff, Board Vice President 

e-mail: zach.ruoff@westfallschools.com

Mr. Sean Ruth, Board President 

e-mail: sean.ruth@westfallschools.com

Proud Member of the
Ohio School Boards Association

Click here to access: Westfall Board Policy Electronic Manual