Comfy Cushion Campaign

The current seats in the Westfall High School auditorium are more than 50 years old and in need of an update.

We are seeking your assistance to update the auditorium seats for our productions.

An individual or business could sponsor a single seat or even a group of seats.

This would bring the auditorium up to date with much more comfortable seating for the more than 5000 patrons that use the space on an annual basis.


What we need:  Community partners to help us with getting 500 replacement seats for the WHS auditorium.  We currently have commitments for more than 200 seats!

What you get: A partner’s donation will pay for the removal of an old seat, the purchase and installation of a new seat, and a donor recognition plaque on the arm of the seat. The new seat will be a 19 inch padded seat much like the one pictured below.

Cost: The cost of sponsoring a new seat is $200.00.

What we all get: We will gain community partners and the opportunity to update a space that serves so many throughout the year.

Timeline: Our goal for completing this portion of the auditorium project is the summer of 2017.

More information or Questions?

Contact Billy Dennis, Westfall High School Principal

Mailing Address:

19463 Pherson Pike

Williamsport, Ohio 43164




Click the chair below to donate now!

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